How to cancel UseNeXT after the trial?

Many friends have asked me  how can we cancel UseNeXT after the 14 days trial. There are many ways:

1. Call them.

Easy, safe and get things done quickly. But because of the time different, I am not sure if you could  reach them 24 hours a day.

2. Send  them a letter or fax

That is complicated, and cost much, but still a way.

3. Use the online format.

UseNeXT cancellation

Visit  the hompage, Click the Support button, then choose Online support, then send  the request of cancellation. Your request should be processed in just a few hours. In case you don not get confirmation, then call them right now!

The last word: do not forget.

And…if it is the first time you are using a usenet service provider, downloadnsext sugggests that you use the packages which can be cancelled in one month, so that you can easily change over to other usenet providers.


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