Upload in the usenet?


The download is about free Usenet newsreader as with Newsleecher or AltBinz relatively simple.

When uploading binaries is needed, however, a further software  is  the news readers. In following the upload by using Yenc Power Post is explained 2000th
Yenc Power Post

We start with the download of the program Power Post 2000th The program is freeware and unfortunately only available in English. After unzipping the program, we first click on the “Program Settings” button under the tab “View”.

We open the power settings from post 2000th You will get this box:

Yenc Power Post Settings

At this point, the following entries are made:
News Server

1. NNTP server – You can specify the NNTP, or host name. Server addresses can be found at most of the data of the German provider!
2. Port – usually 119
3. Server requires login – please put a check mark here, so that the underlying input fields with the account information (username and password) can be filled. Here you give then your access data you received from your Usenet provider. <

Upload Usenext only with activation – more information here
Newsgroups select

Then we click next on the tab “žNewsgroups. Here we enter the newsgroups to which we later want to upload our data. This newsgroup list can be expanded at any time. As inspiration, there are these newsgroups overview binaries.

Now click on the button <Add …> Then open a new window in which we now enter our desired group.


In the header you can nickname, email, etc. specify – I would personally give here but not too much, as this will be made later in the Usenet for everyone. Even if you totally legal matters, I recommend uploading to protect the privacy of your own here and not to provide data that allow conclusions about the uploader.

Now click on “Apply” and the basic settings of YencPowerpost are complete.
Upload Files

Click to add the files onto the second icon in the toolbar:

You can now see the files you want to upload you choose on your hard drive. Simply select all the desired file and click Open. Now a new window in which to make their information to the post must:
Header of the post change

You can now specify how you want to call your Upload – your imagination is there, but no limits, but offers it to the post on the content to name correctly;)

The name of the upload you just replace the 4 question marks (????) with the desired name. In “Example” you can see immediately how the post will look like.

Selection of newsgroups

This can be determined in which newsgroup (s) the upload is back – please post here in the right group! These just make a hook at the appropriate newsgroup.
To start the upload you must now click on the yellow triangle:

Upload Status

You open the following window and the upload is already in progress:

After the upload has been completely uploaded, the status window closes and you have uploaded your first file to Usenet!

Yenc Power Post is of course not the only program to upload binaries. If you are looking for alternatives or have a look at JBinUp PreUsenet.


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