How to cancel UseNeXT after the trial?

Many friends have asked me  how can we cancel UseNeXT after the 14 days trial. There are many ways:

1. Call them.

Easy, safe and get things done quickly. But because of the time different, I am not sure if you could  reach them 24 hours a day.

2. Send  them a letter or fax

That is complicated, and cost much, but still a way.

3. Use the online format.

UseNeXT cancellation

Visit  the hompage, Click the Support button, then choose Online support, then send  the request of cancellation. Your request should be processed in just a few hours. In case you don not get confirmation, then call them right now!

The last word: do not forget.

And…if it is the first time you are using a usenet service provider, downloadnsext sugggests that you use the packages which can be cancelled in one month, so that you can easily change over to other usenet providers.


The review from the ethnical business bureau

This article is an independent third party review of UseNeXT, not from user perspective.

What is UseNeXT?

UseNeXT is a service launched by the  German company Aviteo Ltd. UseNeXT provides the users with a simple, easy to use software that allows users access to the popular forum Usenet. UseNeXT is the world’s largest public forum and is all that you ever wanted to be part of. The software allows quick and easy access and high speed downloads. It is a secure option for the internet users. The information available online for download is unending and users could get all that you were looking for without any difficulty.

UseNeXT provides quick and easy access to several discussion boards. The UseNeXT software allows the user access to 8 independent serverfarms that allow for quick downloads. There is no restriction on downloads or the time you spend online. The users stand to gain with the high speed downloads that are possible without any hassles.

UseNeXT provides unfiltered access and there would just be no restrictions imposed. You could download whatever you wish to at amazing speeds. UseNeXT perfectly understands your requirement for privacy online. There is no monitoring your downloads and so you can download all that you want. Your privacy is assured.

There is a 14-day free trial that is offered by UseNeXT. You could sign up for free and get familiar with the service. With the free trial offer you would be able to understand the service offered and can be satisfied with it before you actually decide to go in for it. The service offered is excellent and you would appreciate that you have help at hand at every stage.

Once you signup you could download the software almost immediately. The installation of the UseNeXT software is quick and easy and within minutes you can get started. The superior technology used by the company ensures that you get just what you want and download it real fast.

The online support facility is available 24/7 for any sorting any doubts that you have. There is also an FAQ section that answers the common queries that customers might face. UseNeXT ensures that the customer does not encounter any kind of problems or difficulties. The company has through its continued efforts ensured complete customer satisfaction. All provisions are made so that the customer has a hassle free time and can download whatever he may wish to. The service offered ensures that you do not have any difficulties related to operating the software. All the assistance that you require to locate the desired information is also available online. The UseNeXT software would help you to search through the various files quickly and find information that you require.

Have a great time online with a wonderful software that plays the perfect guide and gets you all the information that you want real fast.


The history of usenet comes soon

UseNeXT tutorial

If you did not have a free trial client yet, you could download one from here.
Click this link:        UseNeXT 4.98 EXE
The installation of UseNeXT is quite simple and fast, the file is just 2.5 MB.  There are many languages to choose from during the installation, such as English, German, French, Dutch, Chinese and so on.
change the default newsgroups and choose your favourite ones

change the default newsgroups and choose your favourite ones

The important step is to the subscription of the newsgroups. Some default newsgroups are German newsgroups, you could replace them  with English newsgroups or other languages.

Choose your favourite newsgroups.

The blue status bar shows the ressources availble in the newsgroups.

Since this is a trial version you have to apply a trial account before you begin the downloading. Just choose a file, and click download, then a dialogue box pops up, and ask you to give your email address.

Fulfill the email address, and wait for 5 to 10 minutes, you will get the letter from UseNeXT. ( The account used here is already out of date)

Then  click setup button on the toolbar.

set up an account

set up an account

Then the last step, just copy and paste.

That is all! Let us begin the downloading.

Very important!!!!

If you want to download the big file( I am not sure how big is big). To sure to use the download wizard.

Usenext wizard

Then we could enjoy the high speed download.

An interesting question is How high?

We have to find it out on our own, but it depends on many factors, like computers, DSL. The most famous video shows a quite astonish speed, but I believe that is true.

For the trial version, just download a file less than 1 GB, otherwise you will not get a whole file.

After the trial, you will be welcomed for another round of  trial with 150 free download volume.

But for the participation, you have to sign a online contract first, which you have to register your credit card or paypal. Be sure to read the  agreement first before you sign. Some people blame UseNeXT, but actually they did not read carefully the agreement before they sign up. There are three packages you could choose from.

A very small tip: you could share with serveral friends about one account, this stratgey works well in my case, and save much money.

Conclusion: UseNeXT is a very good software, easy interface, user friendly, and strong functions. It gives users very comfortable download experience. The pricing is relative high, but it worth the price.  I could find many useful resources in relative short time.  It offers a really free trial,  in my case, one Euro was booked for validation of the credit card, but was returned later.

If you are experiend UseNeXT users we could discuss in UseNeXT community forum.

For beginners you could visit the official home page for more details: However, the office page is not really user focused and it not easy to understand, the best way is just try it out, since UseNeXT offers your a free to trial opportunity.