Free Usenet Service

Free Usenet Service?

Are there any free usenet service? How can we use these usenet service for free?

Unfortunetly, there is no really good free usenet service providers.

There are many usenet service providers at the market, and most of them provide free trial. So you can just test all of them and then choose your favourite one. But anyway, do not forget to cancel the service within the trial period.

Hackers have tried to hack the usenext accounts, there was once  some bugs, but soon fixed. Now there is no free usenet account, so do not trust the rumors.

There is a usenet provider, called, and say that they provide free usenet service. They finance their cost through  advertising.

Our blog will review the service later on.

GIgaflat free usenet

100 percentage free,  financed by advertisement. This is the argument of Gigaflat.

I can not wait for having a try.

Download the free client.

usenet service free










The interface is concise and easy to use, support three languages at the time.

The download speed is just….. I am speechless. Just leave it works…

Well , there are  many restrictions . The pop-up windows jump out and disrupt the process at times.

To summary:

There is no free launch in the world.  The experience can not be compared with I would suggest the we can use the free trial of and then buy the package.  The Joy is bigger than the price.


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