Usenet Guide

Hey what is Usenet provides the best background information of usenet.

The Usenet was brought to life at the University of North Carolina in 1979. Three Students, Tom Truscott, Steve Bellovin and Jim Ellis connected two Unix-servers and thus created the Usenet as an alternative to the Arpanet, run by the US Army and scientific institutes. In the next 30 years Arpanet became the highly popular Internet and replaced Usenet as the dominant network. But the Usenet still exists in its exact same shape and is now offering a unique powerful access to a huge archive of uncensored information and files.

The chart below illustrate the evolution of Usenet in the history.


The Usenet is completely free and accessible by everyone. Consequently, the uncontrolled file allocation into Newsgroups inside the Usenet makes navigating the Usenet without helpful software rather complicated and time-consuming


But……..What are the advantages of the Usenet?

Compared to One-Click-Hoster and P2P-Sites, the Usenet is:


  • 256-Bit-SSL-Encryption of Downloads
  • No protocol IP, Protected Privacy
  • No viruses, no advertisement


  • More than 2,500 Terabyte of Data available
  • Retention Binaries: up to 650 days
  • Access to 60,000 Newsgroups


  • Connected to 8 Server farms – no incomplete downloads
  • The Usenet is always available – no server downtime
  • Download at unlimited speed with up to 16 connections


So especially in european countries, where people pay much more attention the privacy , data protection. Usenet is very popular. And usenet is absolutely legal.



Is Usenet legal?

Can you really legally download Usenet? This question is actually quite easy to answer: Yes, the Usenet and the access to the Usenet are definitely legal. Just as the Internet is legal. Usenet just provide the people an information service.

But why then so many people believe that the Usenet and download from Usenet was illegal? I will answer this question below.

The Usenet is a very large collection of discussion groups. These groups are called “newsgroups”. You can consider it as a kind of network to imagine the many different forums. In these forums anyone can write what he wants and someone else can reply.

However, the Usenet is more than that now, because you can download and upload multimedia files (music, video etc.) from Usenet. The speed of the download is much better than the download from the Internet.

In order to access to Usenet, you need a so-called newsreaders. While there are some free models, but these usually only provide access to the text newsgroups, not on the newsgroups with video, software and music files. To a newsreader with full access to Usenet, you must choose one of the many Usenet providers (Usenet provider) login.

Can you legally download everything from Usenet?
Definitely answer: No!

Although the Usenet newsgroup access, is legal, that doesn’t mean that you can download what you want. The Legal Situation of Usenet is the legal situation of the Internet to compare: The Internet is legal and the download also. Invite you download something illegal (such as a copyrighted movie) as it moves into the illegal zone and makes punishable.

The same applies to the Usenet. It is always depends on WHAT you download. Usenet is not illegal but downloading illegal data (e.g. movies, protected music albums, etc.) is illegal. If you only copyright-free movies music and programs, then you will not be punished. .

Conclusion: Always make sure that nothing illegal to download. The Usenet is legal. It is important for every users to apply to the regulation of the world biggest free forum.


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