Usenet.NL review

Usenet NL vs. UseNeXT

Both of the usenet sevice providers are Europe-based providers.  UseNeXT is a German provider, is a Dutch provider.(NL is actually the domain name for Netherland) Both of them have their server farms in the Netherland.  So Downloadnext believes both of the two provider share the same infrastructures.

Usenet.NL the new player?

Usenet.NL is a new brand in the usenet scenario , but not nessarily the new player. In you can download with the full DSL speed from all uncensored newsgroups. Every day  there will be around 2,000 terabytes new ressources added.  Very impressive is the retention time to 450 days of – so that the provider are now clearly playing into the Top league. is the only  usenet provider that combines the 8 most powerful usenet server farms in one single access. This leads to more files, better download speed and maximum stability. The free newsreader software makes downloading easier than ever: search and download with only one click. Safe, fast and reliable.

News Reader Software

The free software client allows you, as with a conventional power mode search engines (e.g. Google) in the newsgroups to search for desired information. The software client is available  currently in German, English, Spanish, Italian,  and French.  So is a very international positioned usent provider.  what about the price?

Well, to be honest, I do not have any interest to research the prices of the packages of any more. Just choose a package you like.  The price of is almost at the same level of usenext, just different packages. The packges of are actually more simple to understand. Anyway,  user experience is much more important than the price. Because there is almost no price different. The price different is just the commercial trick.

The right Usenet package?

Downloadnext suggests the beginner to choose a packges which you can terminate the servcie in the next month. Otherwise, if you forget to terminate the service, it will be renewed automatically for twelve months, so you have to wait one year to change to another usenet service provider. – Free Trial Account offers all the registered users a 14-day free access to Usenet world with free download volume of more than 300 GB. This test package includes:

  • 5 GB high speed download volume
  • Unlimited download with up to 2,000 kbit/s (more than 300 GB in two weeks)
  • Free newsreader software: integrated search, preview and 1-click download
  • Connection to 8 server farms with up to 16 simultaneous connections

So for the 5 GB the users can use the high speed download, which means without any limit. The users can still download 300GB with speed limit.

However, you have to rember to cancel the service if you decide not to use the service further. It is simple to terminate the service. The call center team and customer support teams of are availble  24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So the users are free of the risks of forgettting to cancel the services.

Usenet.NL  Non-registration client.

Well, for some users who have never used before, they do want to have a first look before they complete the  regiaration process. That is very easy. Downloadnext blog provides a non-registration version of Usenet.NL. Howver, this version is currenly just limited 1GB. The advantag is the users can begin the trial very quickly.

The Usenet.NL download link is here.

Usenet.NL  Non-registration client


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