UseNeXT Review

Some friends are still confused about UseNeXT or even more general about Usenet.

Is Usenet just a newsgroup or forum  which let people to discuss many topics, that is a typical question from some usenet beginners.

We will talk about that for the articles of Usenet guide.

Now we just suppose that readers know about the Usenet, and we will talk about  the cool software UseNeXT.

We could say that UseNeXT is actually made of two parts. The first one is the client software, the other part is the Usenet access service.

UseNeXT is paid service, actually we have to pay some fees monthly according to packages we have purchased. The software ( client) itself is actually free to use. Dont believe any so called cracked UseNeXT version, this thing exits not at all. The only free version is the trial version, which is limited of download volume.

UseNeXT-the revolution in usenet

UseNeXT is developed by Aviteo. Ltd. This company is small and young, but the client that they developed made usenet popular to the average people. There are many ressources in Usenet, but it is too complicated for normal people to download them.  UseNeXT makes downloading from UseNeXT such easy like never before. There are now many other newsreaders in the market, but UseNeXT is still the most friendly usenet software.

UseNeXT–the feature

UseNeXT provide access to two newsservers farms in Europe and the USA.

Like P2P, but not P2P, it is safter and much faster.

The Speed

First, you dont have to upload during download. Second, the resources are located in high speed servers. Another important aspect is your internet connection, with a DSL connection you could get 25 Mbit/s theoritically, which means the full bandwidth.

The Safety

Some users tell us that they use UseNeXT to download  because of its high speed. That is true that speed matters. But in my opinoion, the most important feature of UseNeXT is the anonymity. Most ressouces are unsensored. Because UseNeXT use its own newsreader as client, the privicy information like IP adress will not be followed.  The spirit of Usenet the freedom of speaking and expressing opinions since the its born. As  experienced Usenet users we could exchange opions and resources about acdemic topics, sciences and politics. Nowhere in the world could  people find such a free forum like this. However, usenet is too complicated, only small groups of elite use them, for average people is Usenet to difficult to understand. But  UseNeXT has changed this situation revolutionary, that is why we would like to introduce this tool to many people. The first impression of UseNeXT is  really wow!!!! Fantastical!


UseNeXT apply German laws for privacy protection, since many users are German. Because Germany has the wordwide most strictly data protection laws, so it is very comfortable to stay with UseNeXT to download without worrying about the lost of privacy.

The uncensored content

One of the benefit of Usenet users are the uncensored content, the users could get many resources only in usenet. Since UseNeXT provide 8 service farms in Europe and the U.S. We could download almost everything we want.


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  1. jaideep says:

    how to get free trail pls tell me

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